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South Minneapolis has long been known for its creative and artistic side. Utilizing and nurturing those skills in our community is important. 

Whether it is performance art, music, choir, or visually appealing mosaic tiles walls, our community is engaged in finding ways to use the gifts of creativity that God has given us.


The Drama Club creates an opportunity for students attending Our Lady of Peace to have the experience of performing live theater. There is a production in fall using actors from sixth through eighth grade. In the spring, there is a production using actors from third through fifth grade. Ms. Kate Sandvik an experienced actor and director oversees the coordination of the Drama Club.


Peter Dysert from Academy of Holy Angels High School works with Our Lady of Peace students in grades 4-8. 

The mission of the band is to

  • Create a positive and fun atmosphere
  • Provide a musically sound lesson every day.
  • Enhance every child’s musical experience with new and exciting material.
  • Strive for excellence.


Highlights include:

  • In August we offer a “Beginner Band Boot Camp.” Students meet in small groups (by instrument) for a week to get started.
  • Lessons and rehearsals will start by the second week of school.
  • In the fall, seventh and eighth graders are invited to play with AHA Pep Band for a home football game.
  • Students are encouraged to audition for the Minnesota Band Directors Association Honor Bands in December.
  • Fall trimester or Christmas concerts are performed (depending on school tradition).
  • In the winter, seventh and eighth graders are invited to play with AHA Pep Band for a home basketball game.
  • In late February, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will play a joint concert with other grade schools as part of the AHA Winter Band Concert.
  • A judged solo contest at AHA may be offered for all grades in late winter/early spring (extra fee applies). The exact timing is dependent on Easter break.
  • A spring concert is performed at the school.
  • In the summer, students are encouraged to participate in the AHA Summer Experience Band (extra fee applies).

Contact Our Band Director

Peter Dysart


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